Erno Kupiainen, Key Account Manager

Kuva Erno Kupiainen
Name: Erno Kupiainen
Caverion city: Vantaa
Education: M.Sc. in Ecinomics and Business Administration

Job title: 
Key Account Manager
My career path at Caverion:
My career at Caverion started in 2019, when I came here as a summer intern in the role of Development Specialist. I returned to school for the autumn and started writing my master thesis for Caverion at the beginning of 2020. During my thesis writing and after my graduation, I worked in the development team until this year, when I started in my current role closer to the customer interface. Since autumn 2022 I have also worked with acquisitions and related integrations.
What is my usual work day like: My typical working day involves monitoring and planning work for clients, several meetings, and running Excel and PowerPoint for either internal or external use. I'm also often involved in business development projects, so I enjoy a varied work portfolio!

My hobbies: Gym, floor ball, running and making music
My dream childhood profession: Flight captain or film director
If I was a cartoon hero, I would be: Donald Duck

What kind of future do you want to be creating in the construction industry? I want to be part of creating a more responsible construction industry, because buildings are a major contributor to our planet's emissions. In addition to this, everyone working in the sector should have a safe and undisturbed working environment, regardless of gender, orientation or ideology, for example. Building users expect us to innovate, and a diverse and thoughtful work community allows us to look at things from new perspectives.

Best at Caverion: The variety of tasks, the genuine trust in our employees, the camaraderie and our work for responsibility.