Joachim Lindholm, Head of Advisory and Sustainability

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Name: Joachim Lindholm
Caverion city: Vantaa
My education: M.Sc (Econ.) & Master of Laws (LL.M)
My job title: Head of Advisory and Sustainability

My work history: Prior joining to Caverion I worked at the Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF), Destia Oy and Sato Oyj. I have also done sales work and worked on construction sites.

My career path at Caverion: I started in 2017 as a Legal Counsel for Finnish operations. In 2018 my responsibilities expanded as the Baltic countries were attached to Division Finland and the legal team became Legal and Compliance team. In 2019 the Legal and Compliance unit took the leadership of Divisions' HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) Corporate Security and Commercial Real Estate matters and I led this support fuction until August 2022. During 2021 I also acted as the interim Unit Manager for the project unit West Finland and started in May 2021 as the Project Director in the Oulu Hospital Alliance Project and this is a role and responsibility that I still have today. In August 2022 I started in my current position as Head of Advisory Business and Sustainability.

What is my usual workday like: I tend to start my workdays quite early and I'm more of a morning person than a night owl. In the mornings I try to read and write as much as I can, since during the traditional nine to five office hours the days are filled with various meetings with customers, stakeholders and colleagues. I like interacting with people and trying to bring simplicity, clarity and direction is my focus point in all the daily meetings.

My hobbies: My two boys' hobbies are my hobby, so I get to do quite chauffeuring around eastern Helsinki between various sport arenas. When I'm not behind the steering wheel, I try to hit the gym, read or go paddling.
My dream childhood profession: My dream profession was to become a professional football player. I think I shared this dream with almost all the boys that grew up in Lahti in the 90's, since the national football hero Jari Litmanen was born and raised in Lahti. 
If I was a cartoon hero, I would be: "If one can be Batman, then one always should be Batman." -Batman

Best thing  about working at Caverion: The professional, hands-on, yet easy going colleagues! I also really like that at Caverion one gets to work with the whole lifecycle of the building environment.