Katja Keronen, Energy Service Manager

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Name: Katja Keronen
My nick name: Katjuska
Caverion city: Oulu, Finland
My education: Diploma in Environmental Engineering (Energy Engineering, Master of Science), Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Engineering
My job title: Energy Service Manager
My career path at Caverion: Oh, this is a long story! I started my Caverion career at the Kuopio office as a financial assistant for my summer job in 2013 at the former 'YIT Kiinteistötekniikka' company. In 2014, I did my thesis for Caverion on purchase invoice processing processes.

In autumn 2014, when I started my engineering studies in Joensuu, I also changed to Caverion's Joensuu office to continue my work as a financial assistant while I was studying. When my studies required an engineering internship, I moved on to work as a forewoman in the HVAC team. I worked as a forewoman alongside my studies and during summer, substituting maintenance managers during their holidays. At Caverion I completed all my mandatory internships as part of my engineering studies, as well as learning a lot more about building technologies!

After graduating as an engineer from the University of Applied Sciences in Joensuu in 2018 and getting a post-graduate place at the University of Oulu in the Master's in Sustainable Energy Systems, I moved to work at the Oulu office. In Oulu, I continued to work as a financial assistant in order to get information about the different contracts and customers of that area and to get to know better my collegues of the different units in Oulu. After working in Oulu for a year, I was asked to join the ESCO project of the City of Oulu as a project engineer. In early 2020, I moved to the refrigeration and automation services team as a maintenance coordinator. This was my first contact with refrigeration technology and my first opportunity to work as a line manager - for refrigeration technicians!

I worked as a maintenance coordinator in energy and refrigeration services team from 2020 to 2022, and in summer 2022 I graduated with a Master's degree in engineering. I did my Master's diploma thesis for Caverion on the utilisation of low-energy flows in district heating production. In August 2022, I started as Energy Service Manager for energy and refrigeration services in the Northern Ostrobothnia, responsible for the largest customer accounts and energy projects in the energy and refrigeration business.

So, I can truly say that at Caverion, you can really progress in your career and more responsibility is given as you gain more skills!

What is my usual workday like: My workdays are very versatile, there is no repetitive pattern to my workdays. My days usually involve many internal as well as external meetings, communicating with customers, calculating quotations, purchasing, responding to potential customer feedback, and quick decision making. My workdays also include a lot of supervisory and line manager work.

Together with our team, we ensure the adequacy of our installation resource, which we consider the backbone of our work week. However, changes to our workdays happen almost daily. Communication within our team is very important during our workdays and, of course, especially with our in-house experts. I learn every day from our professionals who have a long track record and strong expertise.

What makes your work meaningful? To be part of the development and change that is shaping cities and properties to become smarter and more self-sufficient.

My hobbies: Gym, jogging and spending time at our cottage.
My dream childhood profession: When I graduated from high school, I thought I would become pharmacist but I ended up becoming an engineer!

If I was a cartoon character, I would be: Minnie Mouse

Best thing about working at Caverion: My colleagues <3