Tanja, technical expert in automation and energy efficiency

Kuva Tanja Hyvönen

Name: Tanja Hyvönen
Caverion City: Oulu
Education: Engineer, YAMK

My job description: Technical expert (automation and energy efficiency) in sales in Northern Finland
My career story: In 2006, I started at the then called Computec as an automation project manager, which later in 2008 merged with YIT. From YIT I then transitioned to Caverion. In 2017, I moved to a sales organization after learning about energy efficiency through my postgraduate studies. Since then, I have still studied Motiva's energy audit reviewer qualification. 

What is my usual working day like: Office days are filled with meetings with both customers and colleagues, nowadays mainly remotely of course. Automation offer calculations, potential energy saving calculations, payback time calculations and preparation of presentations also fit into my day. On mapping days, I travel to customers' locations throughout the Northern Finland business group, ie somewhere between Vaasa-Seinäjoki-Kajaani-Finland's northern border 😊

My hobbies: Dancehall, hiking, mountain biking and walking
My childhood dream profession: Teacher
If I were a cartoon hero, I would be: Yoko Tsuno

What do you think is the best part about Caverion?
The best part is that the days vary, meeting people and finding solutions to different customer challenges!