Alfred Grimm - from apprentice to site manager



Alfred Grimm started his career 26 years ago as an apprentice for heating and ventilation installer at Caverion - today he is a site manager


How would you describe Caverion as a workplace? 

"At Caverion, I not only built my career, but also found an inspiring team that amazes me on a daily basis. Collaboration, passion and opportunities are an important part of constant development here. Caverion supported me throughout my whole career. In 26 years at Caverion, I evolved from being an installer to a site manager."

What is the best thing about your work? 

At work, I get most excited about my team. Our long term colleagues and the daily communication provide a positive and supportive work environment. At Caverion, teamwork is a priority. 

Where do you see yourself next? 

Now I am about to go for the next step and put my leadership abilities to a test as a team leader. My passion for my work and the inspiring team culture make me a proud part of the Caverion family.