Are you freshly graduated or just about to cross the academic finish line? At Caverion, we have carefully designed apprenticeships and trainee programs for highly motivated young professionals taking their initial steps in working life.

You will join the company as a valued team member and have opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. However, our learning is not a one-directional relationship. We value your new perspectives and ideas and are open to learning with you. Even as an early career professional, you will get to work with diverse and demanding tasks that invite you to find new ways to challenge yourself.

Our people are at the heart of Caverion. You will work closely with customers and colleagues to build the best possible customer and employee experience.

Our high engagement, great team spirit and ability to work together in diverse teams enable us to increase building performance. In our sustainability goals, we have committed to increasing the diversity of our employees. Team work extends beyond the office hours as well thanks to our numerous recreational clubs.
Many of our previous young professionals have seized the opportunities, developed themselves and continued their careers with us as project managers, team leaders and in many other exciting roles.

A truly impactful job

We invest and develop new technologies to enhance our ability to build sustainable and smart outcomes. But for us, it is always more than technology. At the end of the day, what counts is improving the way we live and work in the environments we build.

At Caverion, you can be proud of the future you are building. We are increasing building performance and peoples’ well-being in smart and sustainable built environments. Our goal is to create a 10x larger carbon handprint compared with the carbon footprint. By making properties smarter and more sustainable, we are reducing 10 times more carbon dioxide emissions from the air than producing new carbon dioxide emissions.

Various programmes to meet your skillset and career goals

There are various apprenticeship and trainee programmes in different markets, but below is a short summary of the main paths for young professionals. We are happy to hear about your skills to find a role that best helps you develop as a professional.

In many of our operating countries, such as Germany and Austria, apprenticeship is a common way of providing young people with trainee jobs. Apprenticeships involve alternating periods of study and work, and their duration is typically three to four years.

In Norway, Caverion has a long tradition for being an apprenticeship company for students in vocational schools. Have a take a look at our opportunities in your country and join our team!

Trainee programmes, internships and thesis cooperation provide the opportunity to be involved in the R&D business, give your contribution and learn in the front line the most advanced technologies.

Trainee programmes also are an important channel of recruitment for Caverion. Many of our best professionals first joined the company as trainees and then advanced in their careers step by step, learning every day.


Join our Winning team

We welcome you to have a look at our Country-pages for programmes available for young professionals.

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How to apply for a job at Caverion

  1. Find a job you are interested in from the list of vacancies
  2. Send us your application and CV as instructed in the vacancy
  3. You can also send an open application if you don’t find a perfect vacancy
  4. Our recruitment team will review your application and will let you know how to proceed

Meet your future colleagues