David Gies, Service Technician


David Gies completed his apprenticeship as the best of his class and became an electrical technician for building and infrastructure


"During the training, it was important and interesting for me to learn about and understand the interaction and interdependence of the individual trades. The effects of the "little" things on the big picture, so to speak.

It was also important for me to gain an understanding of the individual processes of a project and to recognize and understand the structure and function of the individual systems (e.g ventilation systems).  In that case, the area of measurement and control technology was particularly interesting for me, and I would like to work in that area from now on. Automation is a complex area where you are constantly challenged to find new individual solutions.

Here, in particular, you realize how important it is to keep learning, because the requirements and components are constantly changing. That brings us to my further career plans: My plans are to continue working in the field of measurement and control technology and to continue my education specifically in this area, for example by becoming a technician in this field. The most important thing for me is continuous and targeted further training."

David Gies, Service Technician, Germany