Ellen Otternberg has been working for Caverion for over 30 years


I never felt the need to start looking for a new company," she says. "I have always received support from my employer, especially after the birth of my daughter: I was able to work from home for a full three years until my daughter was old enough for kindergarten. After that I had flexible working hours. In 2015, she took a career step towards becoming a trainer with responsibility for six branches in Southern Germany. "Working with young people has always inspired me."

Ellen Otternberg started her career as a technical draftswoman. "I was able to consistently develop my skills in challenging projects and even had the chance to work abroad for a while. Then came the job offer in the training area. Here, too, Caverion gave me the support I needed to prepare for my new tasks. I attended various further training courses, including in the field of education," she remembers. "Now trainees who, like me at the time, are taking their first career step with Caverion benefit from my experience.

Ellen Otternberg, trainer for apprentices, Germany