Head of Unit Tuomas

Kuva Alatalo Tuomas

Name: Tuomas Alatalo
Caverion City: Oulu
Education: I became an electrician in 2001 and an electrical engineer in 2014
My job description: Head of Unit
My career path at Caverion: 
In 2000, I came from vocational school to Caverion and become an electrician. I have been able to perform the duties of a project manager in 2014-2017. In 2017, I joined the Kainuu New Hospital Alliance as a building technology manager, where I worked until its completion until 2020. I am currently working as a unit manager, and I am responsible for, among other things, the building technology of the OYS B alliance.
What is my usual working day like: My work day includes various meetings, teamwork, financial monitoring and project reporting.
My hobbies:
Skiing, net fishing and boating.
My childhood dream profession: A Soccer player.
If I were a cartoon hero, I would be: Super goofy, ready to help others! 😊

And what do you think is best part about Caverion?

Absolutely the work community and opportunity to develop professionally!