Ida Johansson, Project manager, Finland


Name: Ida Johansson
Nickname: There are several, but the latest is perhaps Idulsson
Caverion City: Vantaa
Education: M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering

My job description: I work as an energy efficiency project manager. In addition to this, I also work on various internal development tasks. My work tasks are divided according to the phases of ongoing projects. The best thing about my job is the opportunity to be part of not only the planning and development process but also the implementation of projects. In this way, you are constantly involved in the development, at the same time seeing the operation of the systems in practice and getting to work closely with our partners.

My career path at Caverion: My career at Caverion began with the design of photovoltaic solar energy systems as a project engineering intern. As my job expanded and my studies progressed, my title became a technical expert and eventually a project manager for energy efficiency services. During my Caverion years I have been making a very diverse variety of tasks, such as sales, offer calculation, design, supervision tasks, product development and even marketing. In fact, I also wrote my thesis for Caverion!

What is my usual work day like: Days often involve a lot of site visits organization, meeting with customers and subcontractors, planning work, and project management, monitoring, and forecasting. In my tasks, I can vary from one type of task to another. Decisions related to the implementation of projects must be made continuously and quickly. A special feature of my work is making decisions on the move? so that the decision is based on the best available information about the current situation.

My hobbies: Gym, reading, individual dances, charity work and traveling

My dream childhood profession: In primary school, I wanted to be a researcher of natural phenomena and later an analyst in cryptography.

If I was a cartoon hero, I would be: Little My

Best at Caverion: Versatile and varied work tasks and challenging work together with our amazing team!