Jemina, Account manager


My name: Jemina Leino
Caverion location: Turku
My education: Diploma in Energy Engineering
My job: Account Manager

My career path at Caverion: I started at Caverion at the beginning of 2021. Caverion offered me the topic for my thesis and I started working as a graduate student on EU projects. The topic of my thesis was the development of demand response based on a project called iFLEX. I also worked on the BIM4EEB project. After graduating at the beginning of 2022, I started my current job as an account manager.

What is a typical working day like as an account manager?

My work days vary a lot, and it's not always possible to know in advance what the day will bring. My working day involves being responsible for customer relations and sales on a regional basis, which means responding to customers' needs and selling the products and services we offer. The job also involves both internal and external meetings, making offers and developing customer relationships and sales. In addition, the development of energy efficiency in buildings and the measures required to achieve this are also part of my job.

What makes my job meaningful? I get to be involved in the development of responsible cities and real estate.

My hobbies: Football, golf, padel and open water swimming. In the winter, skiing as much as possible.

My childhood dream job: Priest

If I were a cartoon hero, I would be: Goofy 

What is the best thing about Caverion?

The best thing about Caverion is the fun and professional colleagues and the good career development opportunities.