Well-Being Coordinator Kaisa

Kuva Kaisa Vilhula
Name: Kaisa Vilhula
Caverion City: Vantaa, Finland
My education: I am an eternal student, who always has her eyes and ears open for anything new. 😊 Currently, I am studying work and organizational psychology, which is super interesting and important from the perspective of understanding working life (change). I also have a Master of Philosophy degree (Finnish Language and Social Sciences) and a Tradenom degree. 

My job description:
Well-Being Coordinator at Caverion in Occupational Well-Being Unit.
What is my usual working day like: There’s really no ordinary day, and that’s one of the best parts of the job. Our team is small and we work closely with each other. It is my own responsibility to communicate about issues at work related to well-being and to develop well-being at work within the Finnish market here at Caverion. That's why I deal every day with coworkers all over Finland . Cooperation with occupational health and other partners is also present in my everyday work. In the bigger picture, it is the job of our Caverion Occupational Well-Being unit, together with our supervisors, the rest of HR, occupational safety and partners, to consider solutions that help our people feel well.

My hobbies: I need to get out and into the nature every day, but I also love urban culture; exhibitions, going to gigs, eating out and otherwise just thinking about the environment. I also study and do various exercising. At home, my cats Fanni and Frida are spinning and craving for scratches.
My childhood dream profession: To be a teacher seems to be one of them.
If I were a cartoon hero, I would be: Karvinen 😊

And what do you think is best about Caverion?

Cooperation and discussions with people both inside and outside the company. Working at Caverion is inspiring and a great learning opportunity!