Kristin, Service Technical Specialist for fire protection

Kristin Waara bild_Kristin Waara.jpg
Name: Kristin
Caverion city:
Education: After being trained as a fire fighter, I have attended several further training courses in the field of fire protection.  I have worked in the municipal rescue service and have been responsible for the systematic fire protection work for both the municipality and for property owners.

Job description: I am a Service Technical Specialist for fire protection at Caverion. I work with the systematic fire protection work (SBA), which we carry out for our customers as well as our own fire protection work that we must carry out according to legislations. This also includes developing the fire protection work. Since I work centrally, it is a varied job where I meet many different people. I act as an expert at Caverion in the area of systematic fire protection work. As it is a broad area, I get involved in many different types of issues throughout the country.

My career path at Caverion: I joined Caverion in 2021 after being tipped off by a friend. It felt like a great development opportunity for me to be centrally responsible for the systematic fire protection work within a large organisation like Caverion. In my work, I have been involved in many different assignments throughout Sweden and have, among other things, started a network where people who work with fire protection at Caverion can gather and exchange experiences throughout the country. I am looking forward to many exciting and developing years at Caverion.

What does a normal working day look like? I start my working day by sitting down at the computer, either at a Caverion office or at one of our customers. During the day I have time for some meetings, both digital and physical. I provide help to our sites, through phone calls, email conversations or site visits. This may involve questions from our own staff but also from our customers, or when starting up new contracts. As I am also responsible for Caverion's technical network in fire protection, part of my time is spent developing and improving our work in this area. For me, the technical network is a tool for monitoring and continuously developing the systematic fire protection work.


My hobbies: I like cross-country skiing, and I also like growing plants in the greenhouse we recently built.
My dream job as a child: I wanted to work in a pastry shop. It's so much fun to both bake and make coffee.

What makes your work meaningful?
To be involved in developing our and our customers' fire protection work and to meet so many dedicated and knowledgeable people in Caverion is incredibly fun and what I am most passionate about. When I feel that I can help and reach out with the message of how important a well-functioning systematic fire protection work is, then my work feels meaningful!