Mikko Tuomi, Unit manager

Kuva Mikko Tuomi
Name: Mikko Tuomi
Caverion city: Vantaa
My education: Engineer

My job title: Unit Manager
My career path at Caverion: 
I started working on automation projects at the then YIT 2005. Later, my responsibilities expanded  and I worked as a project manager for home automation projects for ten years. I spent a couple of years as a building services manager in Expert Services, expanding my knowledge and seeing the world from a different perspective, and returned to Automation Solutions, this time in the role of unit manager.

What is my usual work day like:The content of the day varies quite a bit, but my main job is to support the team in their work, for example in case of resourcing or technical problems. My day can include coordinating the tender process and managing the sales pipeline, various aspects of internal and external meetings such as tender approvals and contract negotiations, health and wellbeing, recruitment, other supervisory work and a variety of running issues. In other words, my job is to make sure things are running smoothly.

My dream childhood profession: Something where I can get my hands dirty.
If I was a cartoon hero, I would be: Captain Underpants

Best at Caverion: Without a doubt, the best thing is the workmates! Next are the opportunities to develop skills in a big company, the long cooperation with customers and the possibility to plan beyond tomorrow.