Niko Rahkola, Service technician

Niko Rahkola_Caverikirja.jpg

Name: Niko Rahkola

Caverion city: Muhos, Leppiniemi

Education: Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

My job description: Service technician in the operation and maintenance of hydropower plants

My career path at Caverion: I started working at Caverion in July 2021. My job description has remained more or less the same, but I have "taken over" some responsibilities.

What is my usual work day like: My working days vary a lot. As a rule, I am at the power plants carrying out operation and maintenance tasks, as well as fault repairs. Improving the availability of machinery and ensuring dam safety are the main tasks of our team. Once the maintenance and fault repairs have been carried out and the production and availability of the power plants have been ensured, I am usually involved in office duties, such as attending meetings with the customer, planning future preventive maintenance with my team, and agreeing on outage dates for future maintenance. Site briefings for subcontractors and issuing work permits are also part of my normal working day.

My hobbies: My hobbies are perhaps too many, but nowadays the most important are padel, gym and outdoor activities.

My dream childhood profession: When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a dinosaur! But later on my dreams became more realistic and I wanted to be a PE and technical teacher.

If I were a cartoon hero, I would be: My favourite childhood hero, Spiderman

The best thing about Caverion:
The best thing about Caverion is the interesting work and the good working community. Caverion has experts in different fields and the cooperation between different departments works well. There are many career opportunities and professional development is supported.