Saga Storbacka, Marketing and Customer Experience Specialist

Saga Storbacka_caverikirja.jpg

Name: Saga Storbacka
Caverion city: Vantaa / Stockholm
Education: M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration (Marketing)

My job description: Marketing and Customer Experience Specialist
My career path at Caverion: I started at Caverion in 2020 as a member of the marketing team. I worked in Caverion Finland's marketing team for more than two years, specialising in customer experience and employer image. In May 2022, I moved to Caverion Group to work on customer experience development and employer image related tasks in the Swedish marketing team. In my one year work exchange in the Swedish team and the Group team, I enjoyed seeing the company from the different perspectives the divisions have, and working in an international environment.

What is my usual work day like: The past year, my working days and weeks depended a lot on whether I work for the Group or Sweden, but often include meetings both internationally and with my own marketing team, my own creative work, answering emails and tinkering with Excel. For about a week a month I work on site from Stockholm, otherwise I work from the Group's office in Vapaala, Vantaa. My tasks range from software development for customer experience tools to more creative content production tasks related to employer image. I like that I get to use my creative, social and analytical sides in my work.

My hobbies: Running, gym, bicycling, swimming and cooking.
My dream childhood profession: Sports journalist
If I was a cartoon hero, I would be: Spiderman

Best at Caverion: Definitely the work community! The career development opportunities in a large company are also a big advantage and allow for ongoing job changes. The exchange in the Swedish and Group team allowed me to grow and advance in my career.