Project Leader and Director, Samu

Kuva Samu Mandelin
Name:  Samu Mandelin
Nickname: At work I don´t have one, but in soccer the guys have come up with the nickname Mande

Caverion City: Currently in Oslo, formerly Helsinki
My education: Engineer (YAMK)
My job description: Project Leader and Director: Guiding, supporting and developing the Norwegian project business unit.

My career path at Caverion: My career at Caverion began several summers ago as an intern. Since then, I’ve been able to work as a project manager, building service manager, and unit manager. At the beginning of August 2020, I started in a new role as a project manager.
What is my usual working day like: At the moment, I cannot say that there is a normal working day. The content of the days varies quite a bit.

My hobbies: Soccer, jogging, gym, and if only time had different racket games
If I were a cartoon hero, I would be: SamSam

And what do you think is best about Caverion?

Work community, opportunities for development and job rotation.