Troels, Site manager


Name: Troels Enevold Krogh
Caverion location: Fredericia

What does your daily work look like?
It is my job as Site Manager to create the necessary framework for the comprehensive safety culture that is required to ensure that our employees can return home safely. Working with safety requires the involvement of both Caverion's technicians, who take responsibility for their own and others' safety, and our partner, which enables the conditions for a safe execution. My work includes safety rounds, safety talks, where safety is discussed for the past week, supervision of tasks, planning work in the work permit system, risk assessments and collaboration with workshop and project managers."

What is the most important thing at work?
In the oil and gas industry, the refining process naturally creates many serious risks, as the products are flammable, toxic and environmentally harmful. Safety must therefore be considered in every task. In our everyday life at the site, we always start and end our work with safety."