Mika Ruokonen, Head of Service Business Unit, Finland


Name: Mika Ruokonen
Nickname: Magic Mike
City of Caverion: Vantaa
Education: Master of Science in Production Management

My job description: The title is 'Head of Service Business Unit'. I am responsible for Caverion's business development, sales, and customer relationship management in Finland. The duties include analysing the current state of our division with various parameters and planning future objectives in the above-mentioned business areas.

My career path at Caverion: I started in this company as a thesis worker in 2011 and after completing my thesis work for Caverion I started as a customer service manager. At that time, I was in charge of one of our customer’s real estate. In 2012, I started as development expert - my main job description was to develop our service process. In 2013, I started to develop a unit called the Service Center. At the beginning of 2016, I started as a unit manager of technical management team of southern Finland, and at the beginning of 2019 I became Head of Service Business Unit who is responsible for Caverion's Finnish business development, sales and customer relationship management.

What is my usual work day like at Caverion: My work days usually include a lot of both internal and external meetings. In many cases, I am a bridge in between our customers and our internal organization. In daily basis, I get to solve various bottlenecks for the optimal performance. I also make a lot of different reports about our performance in order to better understand what we do. The profile of Head of Service Business Unit has also many international responsibilities: I represent Finland in many development projects, and I report on our activities to Caverion Group.

My hobbies: Gym, cycling, hunting and stage dancing

My childhood dream profession: Chef and actor

If I were a cartoon hero, I would be: Salesman Mynttinen - I always happen to end up in the strangest situations.

Best at Caverion: Good co-workers and a very professional organization with a desire to develop into the best in its field, an innovative approach and career opportunities!