Jan Aasvang, Service Branch Manager, Norway


Jan Aasvang, manager for the service branch in Oslo, Norway, sees it as an advantage that Caverion is under constant change, as it opens up new opportunities for personal career growth.

“Some people think it’s stressful that the organization is under constant change, but we live in a world that is constantly changing and we have to change ourselves as well if we are to be able to be one step ahead of our competitors. Besides, as the company develops, new opportunities open up. This means that you don’t have to leave Caverion to do something else, you can just take advantage of the new openings as they come along.”

Jan knows what he is talking about, he started in Caverion as an apprentice in 1984, and have since that had 9 different roles, including apprentice, technician, manager of service unit and now as manager of a branch.

«I’m very grateful for all the opportunities Caverion has given me over the years, and now I focus on giving my team the same possibilities for development. With a new role, comes new challenges, and it’s always fun to mix it up once in a while. More importantly, I think it’s really important that we have office staff that have experience from working in the operative field, then they have a much better understanding of the business and can support our operative employees in a better way.”